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Working with Energy and Alchemizing Your Libido

Personally, I started my spiritual journey as a skeptic. I got interested in meditation, because it made sense to my scientific mind, but any talk about energy would soon be too much for me.

However, anyone that begins a journey of self observation will soon find out that energy is there, undeniably, and quite powerfully.

Over the years I have been witnessing the correlation between my body and mind, and how with the healing of my mental patterns, my body healed along.

I’ve witnessed my increasing sensitivity to my own energy give me access to know other people’s energy, and to a vast amount of information and intelligence that I used to be unconscious of and blind to.

I’ve experienced how my universe and its response changes, when I don’t deplete my sexual energy but instead contain and sublimate it.

And have been witnessing the effects and the influence of the build up energy get so powerful that I need to be mindful to not let it intoxicate my ego - a common danger of this practice, known since ancient times.

The journey to work with these energies, from the most physical to the most subtle, will open a world to you that is beyond what you can dream of.

Call it life force, qi, prana, sexual energy, creative energy, Shakti, Kundalini, - feel it as the pure desire to be alive and continue new life, that emanates all cells in your body.

If you can arouse and awaken this energy, often experienced as a dormant serpent in the base of the spine, and can allow her to free flow and burst through your blockages consistently, everything in you will transform.

Her supernatural powers want to happen through you.

The only question is: how willing are you to let go of what weakens her, and how devoted are you, to build a strong container through practice and lifestyle that allows here to emerge alive?



If you like more on this, take a look at my 3 hour life force training, that will give a thorough guide-line to work with this energy. I’ve condensed all of my spiritual journey and study, and the basis of my 1:1 coaching in it.


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