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Violeta Labella

These bodywork sessions are like a breeze of fresh air on the skin. Thomas' hands are working their magic while waiving in different types of touch. after the session my pain body started relaxing and I felt rejuvenated and energised. thank you for your presence.

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Amanda Biccum

I have received A LOT of body work. Thomas is incredible at what he does. So attuned, so aligned and attentive. He really feels into the person, the moment and what the body needs. If your looking not just for a massage but proper body work that also tunes into the energetic and emotional being of the person then Thomas is your guy.

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David Taurel

Thomas is a very safe, present and attentive man. His massage skills and his capacity to feel and adjust are off the chart. Full trust.

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Francesc Sentias

I have received hundreds of different massages in my life. This was one of the best. He mixed ayurvedic and energy feeling to suit my needs. THANK YOU.

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Kim Sikking

I definitely recommend Thomas for massage. It feels like he works very intuitively with the body, feeling atuned to what the unique body does and doesn't need at that specific moment. He also holds a safe space and radiates a loving, kind presence.

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Tessa Schiethart

A firm warm touch with presence to what the body needs.


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Alexa Slaughter, USA

I was blown away by the things I gained from my work with Thomas. His coaching shifted me from thinking into feeling and listening instead of speaking. My biggest takeaway that I had was that when I am open and ready to receive what is right and let go of the how, it will come to me in a most unexpected and beautiful way. Thomas is so alive with wisdom and I could not be more grateful for the expansion from this experience.


Himesh Hewawasam, Canada

"Hey Thomas, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated our session brother. You seem to have a deep intuition of sensing into the core needs of someone and seeing what would really help them beyond what they perceive themselves.


The more I investigate the insights you brought up about balancing both my masculine and feminine energies and the impact it would have, the more I see how it has affected me throughout my whole life. Just in the past few weeks of taking steps to embody this I've already started seeing changes in my mood, daily interactions/relationships and work. Thank you brother. I appreciate you and the work you do. So much love!"

Michelle Wilson, Amsterdam

"You just notice it. You notice from moment one. You feel what I need. And that is what I enjoy the most, you feel exactly what it is that I need. All my experience of my coaching with you has been very relieving. It made me able to show myself love that I haven't been able to do for ages. If it wasn't for all of our sessions, I don't think I would've been where I am now. I am doing the work, and it is satisfying. And it's very satisfying to have you as a coach as well. I can trust you - more than I can trust anyone."

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Cole Robinson, USA

"Where to begin to express the gratitude I have for the time with Thomas as my mentor. This last year has been the most transformational time of my life.

Thomas has really guided me to put the aspirations and ideas I have had for a long time into action. 

When I met Thomas I was living across the country from where I am now. Within just over a month he helped me gather the courage to make the big move and to execute it with a solid plan.

The great thing is that he helps to show me that the power is all inside of me , and that he acts as a mirror in my life to show me clearly what I already am.

He is an excellent teacher.

Sincerely, Cole"
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Agni Chandra, Agni Way, Lagos Portugal

After receiving business coaching for a new powerful tantric modality called 'Organicurrent'.

"I can just highly recommend working with Thomas Mathias. His genuine heart, knowledge, energy and passion to help and support makes so much difference.  His grounded presence and framework allows my energy to grow and dance into a beautiful and meaningful creation! Can’t wait to see him again. As I feel deeply seen and heard in my giving birth process to something new and complexed, that wants to come to this world for the highest benefit of all beings"
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Lacie White, Australia

The moment I sensed Thomas’s energy during our call, it calmed my nervous system. I could feel a steady balance that was within him. I never felt pushed or obliged to share or to receive more than I was ready for. I felt inspired to take on my spiritual path more sincerely and to step out of my mind and into my power. Thank you Thomas for seeing me, inspiring me, and for holding space for me when I truly needed it most.

Kevin Rolf, Germany

Video testimonial after Reconnect Retreat 2022

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Sheida Livai, Panama

The breakthrough session with Thomas was amazing. He cut to the core of me right away and wasn't afraid to call me out. He is tuned in and approaches coaching with a gentle but focused energy that I really appreciated. I recommend him for anyone who is struggling to find clarity or balance in their life. We all need some form of support! So grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him!

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Evert de Bruijn, Amsterdam

In a very busy and stressful period as an entrepreneur during the outbreak of Covid19, I was looking for ways to keep my calm. His approach was calm and empathetic. Thomas taught me practical breathing techniques in a very pleasant and informative way, which had immediate effects. I was able to apply these techniques during challenging times at work, for more mental clarity and calm.


Through an introduction to these techniques Thomas got me interested in meditation. He used his extensive knowledge and life experience he has regarding meditation to not only teach me how to meditate, but also to secure a daily ritual and continuity. 

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Matt Stocks, London

Before I met Thomas I struggled to deal with my thoughts and feelings and I had fallen into a cycle of using substances and spiritual bypassing.

Thomas used a beautiful combination of non-dual wisdom and down to earth practical advice to empower me with the tools I needed to face life and its challenges with greater balance and confidence. He helped me become clearer in my goals and taught me how to effectively integrate non-dual wisdom, masculine & feminine energies, holistic lifestyle habits and meditation techniques into my life, without using them to bypass difficult feelings as I had done in the past.

I would highly recommend Thomas's coaching to anyone who is ready to embark on their journey towards better spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Not only is he an excellent coach, but also an extremely warm and vibrant soul who was an overall pleasure to work with.


Cienna Ujuke, Denmark

When I approached Thomas I was mostly struggling with anxiety and getting a hold over my thoughts. They were holding me back from living life the way I want.


When Thomas and I first started coaching we focussed on getting me into healthy routines and habits, on getting me to meditate daily and on different breathing techniques. I was never able to meditate before until I met Thomas.


During the past three months I always felt safe and like space was being held, making me feel completely seen, heard, accepted and met with compassion.


At the same time you can expect to get challenged out of your comfort-zone and on your way of thinking, living and self-awareness.


I got a lot clearer on who I am and on what I want. I feel more confident with myself and I gained lots of insights and awareness on things I didn’t see before myself.


What I have gained out of our time together is priceless and of invaluable meaning to me. I can highly recommend to work with Thomas.

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