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Virtual workshop with practices and teachings on cultivating energy and sealing energy leaks, from a Yogic and Tantric perspective.

Life force, prana, qi or Kundalini; they are often topics covered in mysticism.

While in fact, life force is very palpable and can be immediately worked with.


The quality of our life force, or maybe better put: the degree to which it is awakened, or dormant, will have a huge impact on the quality of our lives: our presence, our health, our creative energy, our spiritual growth, our sexuality, our impact, our resilience, our relationships - all aspects of our embodiment basically.

To work with it properly we need not only meditation or energy raising techniques, but also a deeper understanding of what vital energy truly is, and how we leak it through energy leaks.


An understanding of how and why that after practice or after retreat bliss seems to leave us within a few hours, days or weeks.

And what we can do do to seal the leaks.


Which goes far beyond just some techniques for physical health but has everything to do with our alignment on a deeper soul level...

You will learn...

...How the mind influences your energetic state

Learn what you can do to improve your thoughts, create more presence - and how to design your life for more presence

✓ ...How to generate life-force through spiritual practices

Potent Yogic and Tantric techniques, lifestyle practices and more that will help you to generate and self-source life-force

✓ ...Kundalini
Learn about this by mysticism surrounded concept and how to have a direct experience of it.


Learn about the three main energetic knots (granthi's) that she bursts through - from the instincts, to the heart, to the crown, and how to support this process. 


Learn how to prevent a potentially disruptive process, making a full ascend, as well as grounded descend - from spiritual bliss back into the body, heart, and calm nervous system.

...The relationship between life force and personal integrity/morality

Learn how integrity - or a lack of it - is one of the fastest ways to generate or leak life force and what you can do about it

✓ ...Pranayama

Learn Yogic breathing exercises for daily life and for personal spiritual practice

✓ ...The practice of semen-retention


Therefore the knower of yoga conquers death by preserving the semen"


- Hatha Yoga Pradipika


Learn the deep impact ejaculation has on the male body and energy system and why and how to practice retention in a healthy and sustainable way.


✓ ...Energy circulation

Learn techniques that use visualization and breath to circulate energy through your body, alone or with a partner

✓ ...What life-force essentially is

Find a practical understanding and tangible experience of life-force, and how it moves through channels and centers on the physical and subtle planes of your being

✓ ...The alchemy of sexual energy into other forms of energy

Create a deeper awareness of how sexual energy is deeply intertwined with all other forms of life force, and how to alchemize our instincts into creativity, health, spiritual clarity, and personal power on different levels.

✓ ...Sacred Intimacy

Dissolve the boundaries of sexual intimacy and life itself, and learn how to make love like the gods with yourself and with a partner.

What you will receive:

...3.5 hours of video content

...Notion page with resources and recommendations

...$49,- dollars off of a first coaching session together with the purchase least 1 year of online access (feel free to download all the files to keep it for-ever in case it ever gets taken off-line)

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