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Thomas is an international teacher and mentor. He combines ancient Eastern methods and wisdom traditions paving the path to non-dual self-realization, Yogic mind-body healing, and tantric embodiment with two feet on the ground. Beyond the confines of any particular tradition or lineage, while still offering an authentic and traditional approach amidst the landscape of new-age spirituality. His offerings include meditation teachings and silent retreats, pranayama/breathing and asana/movement sessions, talks and discourses on a range of Eastern philosophies, one-on-one healing bodywork sessions, and one-on-one mentorships.


His own spiritual journey began in 2015 when he stumbled upon a YouTube video on Buddhism and meditation. He immediately intuited that this was the key he had been looking for. A few months later, he found himself meditating in a traditional Thai monastery, where he had a first taste of awakening.


Ever since he traveled and lived all around the world, dedicating himself to a journey of awakening, practicing and studying with various teachers, monks, monasteries, and schools, leading him to share the path with others. 

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