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Thomas is a Yoga & meditation teacher and mentor, sharing Hatha Yoga, pranayama, asana, meditation, Yoga-, Advaita Vedanta & Tantra philosophy, retreats, articles, co-live experiences, and private sessions for mentoring and bodywork.


He has been on an intensive quest for truth, ongoing practice and study for nearly a decade, traveling worldwide to meet and sit with spiritual teachers and schools, and has started teaching and mentoring internationally since 2019. His practice and study has been in many schools, from Theravada Buddhism, to classical Vedanta, Hatha Yoga, Dzogchen, modern polarity work, classical Tantra and neo-Tantra.


Extracting from this wide variety of (mostly eastern) methods and disciplines, he aims to weave together all the spiritual concepts and practices in a digestible and applicable way for seekers of all levels.


It is his vision that the common idea that one should stick to one path is outdated, in modern times of air-travel and freely available teachings on Youtube and books, and that spiritual work must adapt to these extraordinary new times that are incomparable to the history and cultures in which they were created.


His teaching emphasizes the importance of right view/philosophy, noble precepts and integrity, committing to an ever evolving individual practice that is suited for ones current needs, as well as to spend regular time in retreat with a community of spiritual friends.

He lives nomadically, spending most of the year in India, Portugal or the Netherlands for a few months at a time in each place, spending his time writing, teaching, mentoring, and in personal practice.

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