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You have never judged anyone else except for yourself

To observe others is great; it can birth empathy, understanding and connection.

Yet to have an emotional charge or sense of rejection around our own observations means to have a judgment.

As soon as we aren’t able to observe someone without judgment, it reveals to us a rejected part of our own psyche that is hiding in the shadow, and stays there by projecting its own image on the ‘external’ world.

To realize that this is the case, that every single one of your judgments is in essence about yourself, can be a harsh truth to admit, yet it really is a gift because when lived by it will put you on a highly accelerated journey towards more love and inner freedom.

It won’t be always easy. It requires deep commitment to devote yourself to this way of looking, in an almost dogmatic way. You will make mistakes and will be faced with your own ego that will masterfully try to reason its way out of the uncomfortability of facing its own shadows. ‘This time it’s really about them and not me’ it will say.

And you will be faced with the current state of the collective in which most people do not yet understand this or live by this - so it requires you to lead and walk first, with the only tap on your shoulder often being your own.

Yet it will also open your gates to freedom, and if these words resonated, know that you are blessed, because the humans on this planet that live by this are the ones that are experiencing the deepest love and freedom.


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