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Unexpected enlightenment

…and the explosive moment of enlightenment you sought never came, yet you began finding yourself content in the midst of discontentment.

In wonder with the most mundane experience.

Unchanging amidst the changing.

Willing to experience it all; the state slowly makes its way into all corners of your being.

Doing the dishes, paying your taxes, taking a sip of water;

Within their worldliness, the bright face of God had always been hidden in plain sight.

The God that the ignorant ones have been pointing to in the heavens,

Found to be beaming from inside your own heart.

Looking from your eyes, and looking back wherever the eyes look.

No more expectation can exist to have another moment to be better than this.

Every experience, even the greatest challenge, a grumpy morning or a sad rainy day,

Are an undeniable confirmation,

An expression of the ecstatic intimate dance,

Of what blissfully, timelessly, and simply,



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