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From soaked almonds, to sexual energy, to spiritual awakening

One of my daily practices that comes from Ayurveda is to eat a handful of soaked almonds each morning to increase what is known as ‘ojas’.

Ojas is a Sanskrit word and Ayurvedic term for vitality; the subtle, creative life force energy that emanates us.

More in particular, Ojas is the life force energy that is linked to some of the most essential elements of our body;

Our blood, bone marrow, spinal fluids, lymphatic fluids, s*xual fluids, and stored fats.

By building up, nourishing, and containing these fluids, through specific foods like for example soaked almonds, the Ojas can begin to deeply nourish our system from the inside out, from the most physical planes to the most subtle ones...

...Resulting on the most physical plane in physical healing, strength, and that yogi-glow radiance

On the energetic plane in zest, s*xual energy, desire, will-power, fulfillment, magnetism on others, and even Yogic powers (also known as siddhi’s)

And on the most subtle, a Yogi transmutes and alchemizes this energy into expanded consciousness, bliss, and a direct experience of unity.

But Ojas does not only needs to be build merely on the physical, it is much more subtle than that; it also needs to be kept inside and sublimated.

Physically, primarily for men by not wasting our s*xual fluids,

Energetically, for all genders by not wasting and leaking our energy and maintaining high integrity,

And mentally and spiritually, by using the power of attention and intention, to consciously channel the built up energy into the higher centres.

Spiritual awakening and self-improvement start much earlier than the moment we take a deep breath, attend a lecture, or do a spiritual practice.

If we want to go for our full potential, the path needs a deeply holistic approach, that includes everything we think, we do or not do, and even consume.

So in short, if you are interested in awakening...

Make sure to eat your almonds.

(...and make sure to soak them! Minimum 8 hours or so should do ;-))


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