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Extraordinary ordinariness

Daily mundane experiences, as portals towards enlightenment. The catalyst for self realization disguised as the cashier at the supermarket, or the road-works that make you come late for your job. At first sight nothing special, on a deeper level the entire universe conspiring to send you an extraordinary message. It would alter the course of your life, Shift your consciousness into deeper dimensions, And heal your darkest shadow and your most painful childhood-trauma, But only if heard. But how can we hear the whispers if we are too caught up in mental noise? Just a brief glimpse of inner stillness, a timeless moment in a hurried existence, is all that it takes, To see that god never was a man in the sky, Your spiritual teacher not a man dressed in robes, And what you are looking for not anywhere else, But here. Disguised as exactly that which is right in front of your eyes.


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