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The Five Gates of Speech

1) is it true?

2) is it necessary? 3) is it beneficial? 4) have I found a loving way to say it? 5) is it the right moment?

- When you become more conscious, how will you use the power of your speech?

“The words you speak become the house you live in” - Hafiz.

The gates of speech is a teaching that you will find in many wisdom traditions, and for a good reason.

We can use our speech both to build up, to love, and to create, but unconscious speech can also make us say things that are damaging, empty of meaning, or that we don’t even intend to say.

In a society that is high-paced and tends to get awkward when there is a few seconds of silents in a conversation, it is only up to us to learn to slow our reactive minds down, and to check-in with ourselves what we really intend to say.

Look at many of the spiritual master’s; they often pause for long periods of time before they speak.

They are masters because they make sure that what comes out of their mouth at all times is true, kind, and beneficial.

There is no need to put them on a pedestal or to think of their state as out of reach, because we all have the potential to do the exact same thing - to pause, to look beyond the superficial layer of our mind, and to make our speech highly intentional and coming from our core and depth.

You are powerful.

Use your powers, and let them positively transform everything you touch.


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