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You Are The Sky

Next time you meditate, try this simple instruction to have a swift glimpse of no-mind.


Sit comfortably, straighten the spine.

Completely relax the shoulders, face, and belly.

Keep the eyes motionless, gazing into the black behind your eyelids.

Take three to five full in- and exhales to oxygenate.

Then go slow on the last exhale, and hold the breath with empty or half-empty lungs for about 10-30 seconds.

Here comes the most important instruction:

In this suspension of breath, keep paying attention to your experience - while you completely relax and simply wait for a thought to appear.

In this waiting, an experience of being aware without thinking might dawn upon you.

Emptiness. Space. The mind like a sky without clouds. Lucidity.

Don’t try hold onto it, just enjoy and dwell into it for as long as it lasts. The attitude of waiting will be what helps it to come into being and stay longer. Forcefulness will be counterproductive.


This space that is recognized here, is what you always are. Just like the sky exists with and without clouds, so does this space of consciousness exist with and without thoughts.

By first realizing we are this space, and by then resting into it habitually, we begin to quickly cut through all the identification with the mind and the illusionary self.

Our freedom becomes independent of the contents or quality of mind; we break free from the minds trance by realizing we are beyond it.

The mind can throw at us what it wants, but from this perspective of consciousness it disappears by our seeing like a Fata Morgana.

A swift method to awakening, also known as the ‘direct path’.

Try it and let me know how it went for you.


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