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"Where to begin to express the gratitude I have for my time with Thomas as my mentor. This last year has been the most transformational year of my life"

A spiritual friend

Since about half a decade I’ve been doing one-on-one mentorships and coaching with men and women from all age groups and all continents.

Its shape has been ever transforming, it has been like an organism of its own. 

I celebrated great transformations in clients.

And have been learning deeply from each person I worked with, which has been continuously shaping me and my work into what it currently is today.


What I'm here to offer:

I am not here to be another coach to make misleading promises of quick results.

Or talk to pain-points and sell an over-exaggerated dream with marketing tricks.

I am not even really a coach; if that means to come up with more stuff to push through on an endless to do list.

I am also not here to be a guru with all the answers, to tell you what to do - quite the opposite.

I am here to be your spiritual friend, guide, and bold mirror.

A safe-haven in a world of chaos to reconnect to yourself.


At times to get comfortable, find peace and rest.


At other times to be challenged into a more aligned, more powerful, and more embodied you.

We spend time together, on the phone, in Zoom calls, in tea and cacao ceremony, and meet in real life if we get the chance.

I give suggestions, ideas, methods, maps of reality, and show potential routes to take, and then ask you what resonates for you.

I offer my deepest presence to you, listen deeply to what you tell me in our conversations, and reflect to you what is hidden in between the sentences. 


The shadow, the blind-spot, the inner child and the unresolved pain.


And your true nature, your unique gift, your potential, and your wisdom.

This is not a 'master your life in seven days' course or a sprint; this is a marathon, a recalibration that lasts a life-time as am ever deepening spiral.

This is the sacred and deep transformation that gradually takes place in spiritual friendship between a guide and a student.


Elements of the work

✓ Yogic Embodiment: embracing all aspects of life and stepping into full embodiment of your spiritual and human potential

✓ Presence: Cultivating presence and meditation as a part of daily life


✓ Reprogramming the subconscious mind

✓ Learning to work with emotions & thoughts

✓ Befriending the body

✓ Shadow work: Exposing the illusions, hidden wounds, and stories we tell ourselves

✓ Purpose: Stepping into your life's purpose and deeper personal leadership

✓ Spiritual practice: Designing a tailored spiritual practice suiting your unique needs & lifestyle

✓ Health optimization: Diet, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, rooted in Ayurvedic principles

✓ Energy-work: working 1:1 allows us to go deeper into the subtle dimensions of energetic and telepathic transmissions and healing


✓ Life force: mastering energy, vibrancy, self-healing and Kundalini energy


✓ Breath: Ancient breathing techniques and nervous system regulation

✓ Advanced spiritual practice: Dive deep into more advanced and potent teachings 

✓ Overcoming depression, lethargy and addictive tendencies

✓ Sexual energy: awareness and alchemy

✓ Relationships: relating, communication, and masculine and feminine polarity

✓ *For those interested: Creating an online brand for coaches, therapists and healers


Alexa Slaughter, USA

"I was blown away by the things I gained from my work with Thomas. The heart and soul he pours into his clients is boundless. His coaching shifted me from thinking into feeling and listening instead of speaking. Thomas is so alive with wisdom and I could not be more grateful for the expansion from this experience."


Cole Robinson, USA

"Where to begin to express the gratitude I have for the time with Thomas as my mentor. This last year has been the most transformational time of my life. Thomas has really guided me to put the aspirations and ideas I have had for a long time into action. He acts as a mirror in my life to show me clearly what I already am. He is an excellent teacher."


Himesh Hewawasam

"You seem to have a deep intuition of sensing into the core needs of someone and seeing what would help them beyond what they perceive themselves. The more I investigate the insights you brought up about balancing my masculine and feminine energies, the more I see how it has affected me throughout my whole life. Just in the past few weeks I've already started seeing changes in my mood, daily interactions and work. I appreciate you and the work you do. So much love!"

The work

✓ Deep coaching sessions; talking, mirroring, reflecting, and spending time together in presence

✓ Homework; be supported for the duration of our time and beyond with things to practice and study by yourself

✓ Ceremonies; longer 1:1 sessions with medicinal ceremonial cacao or tea, as well as breath-work ceremonies

✓ Transmission based; transference of information and energy on a subtle dimension as I received from my mentors

✓ Short guided meditations and breathing sessions in each session

✓ Possible: Sessions can be used for body/energy-work

Image by Eurico Craveiro

"To be a good steward of your life requires you to embrace every aspect of your life, inner and outer, pleasant and unpleasant. You do not necessarily need to face them all at once, just whatever arises in any given moment. Give each moment the attention, sincerity, and commitment that it deserves. A failure to do so is more costly than you can ever imagine. Your life, all of your life, is your path to awakening. By resisting or not dealing with its challenges, you stay asleep to Reality." - Adyashanti

This is for you if...

You've read the books, read the quotes, maybe done workshops, trainings and events; yet you want to take things to a deeper and more embodied level

✓ You don't believe in transcendentalism and look for grounded and embodied spirituality that is inclusive of all aspects of life

✓ You realize that to do it all alone often is much more time consuming and costly than to invest in sacred mentorship


Michelle Wilson, Amsterdam

"You just notice it. You notice from moment one. You feel what I need. And that is what I enjoy the most, you feel exactly what it is that I need. All my experience of my coaching with you has been very relieving. It made me able to show myself love that I haven't been able to do for ages. If it wasn't for all of our sessions, I don't think I would've been where I am now. I am doing the work, and it is satisfying. And it's very satisfying to have you as a coach as well. I can trust you - more than I can trust anyone."

Ways to work with me

"If you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans"


Most people don't do well on a rigid program with predetermined modules in my experience, and so I treat every 1:1 mentorship like a unique and fluid organism. 

The foundation for this work is to be deeply present and receptive for things to reveal themselves as life happens; your current and unique life circumstances during our work will reveal all that we need as homework. It's this attitude and approach, combined with consistent showing up, that allows deep transformation to occur.


It's also for this reason that I do not offer single sessions anymore for coaching but mentorship packages only.

3 Month Deep Mentorship

✓ Up to 5 hours of private sessions per month (divided in 1 to 3 sessions)

✓ On-going text and voice-note support

✓ Shared Notion page with re-caps, resources and if available session recordings

✓ Includes free access to online course on life-force 

✓ Complimentary discovery call

✓ Minimum 3 month commitment

✓ Afterwards possible to extend on a monthly basis



€450,- p/month

€1250,- paid in full

Extended Mentorship

✓ Only available as an extension after a first 3 Month Deep Mentorship

✓ Up to 2.5 hours of private sessions per month (divided in 1 or 2 sessions)

✓ Minimum 3 month commitment


€250,- p/month

€690,- paid in full

2024 year-long mentorship

✓ Includes a 3 day private retreat

 1 slot available

This is a great way to receive a ton of value before starting coaching. It is a value packed three hours with many of the foundations for my 1:1 work.

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