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"Where to begin to express the gratitude I have for my time with Thomas as my mentor. This last year has been the most transformational year of my life"

A compassionate and safe space to heal and come back to the natural state.

An honest mirror that will help you move beyond blind-spots and false identities.

A leap of faith into the unknown, beyond fear and strategies, in active surrender to life.

Not a 'master your life in seven days' course, or a place for spiritual entertainment.


But deep spiritual mentorship that will echo onward and forward for a life-time.


Elements of the work

✓ Shadow work: Exposing the illusions, hidden wounds, and stories we tell ourselves and be liberated from old unnecessary conditioning


✓ Yogic Therapy: Creating a more harmonious environment in your body, home, diet, and lifestyle.


✓ Tantric approach: embracing all aspects of life and stepping into full embodiment of your spiritual and human potential

✓ Meditation: Cultivating presence as a habitual state of consciousness in daily life

✓ Emotional Maturity: Purging emotions and learning to work with emotional energy

✓ Your Gift: Exploring a life of inspiration, sharing of your gifts and service to the collective

✓ Spiritual practice: Designing a tailored spiritual practice that suits you

✓ Health optimization: Diet, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, rooted in Ayurvedic principles


✓ Mind-training: Cultivating better thoughts and a clearer state of mind


✓ Life force: accumulating life force and sealing leaks, becoming fully vibrant and activated


✓ Pranayama: Harmonizing the breath and the energetic system for well-being and vitality

✓ Leap: Learn to trust in life beyond our personal will in surrender to the unknown

✓ Stress-free Existence: Working towards the complete eradication of stress from your existence

✓ Balance: Moving beyond states of dullness and agitation, depression and peaks

✓ Sexual Energy Management: Alchemy of your creative potential and Kundalini

✓ Relationships: relating, communication, and masculine and feminine polarity

✓ Possible: Help with your (online) brand or business


Alexa Slaughter, USA

"I was blown away by the things I gained from my work with Thomas. The heart and soul he pours into his clients is boundless. His coaching shifted me from thinking into feeling and listening instead of speaking. Thomas is so alive with wisdom and I could not be more grateful for the expansion from this experience."


Cole Robinson, USA

"Where to begin to express the gratitude I have for the time with Thomas as my mentor. This last year has been the most transformational time of my life. Thomas has really guided me to put the aspirations and ideas I have had for a long time into action. He acts as a mirror in my life to show me clearly what I already am. He is an excellent teacher."


Himesh Hewawasam

"You seem to have a deep intuition of sensing into the core needs of someone and seeing what would help them beyond what they perceive themselves. The more I investigate the insights you brought up about balancing my masculine and feminine energies, the more I see how it has affected me throughout my whole life. Just in the past few weeks I've already started seeing changes in my mood, daily interactions and work. I appreciate you and the work you do. So much love!"

Mentorship through

✓ Deep coaching sessions: talking, reflection, guided practices, shadow work, intention- and goal-setting, emotional healing

✓ Homework; practical to do's, goals and self-practice in between sessions

✓ On-going support through text and voice-notes

Ceremonies & immersions; longer 1:1 sessions with medicinal ceremonial cacao or aged tea. Potential for private retreats on location.

✓ Body-work. Working through blockages and knots in the physical and subtle body through touch and/or guided self-practice.

✓ Energetic transmission


Michelle Wilson, Amsterdam

"You just notice it. You notice from moment one. You feel what I need. And that is what I enjoy the most, you feel exactly what it is that I need. All my experience of my coaching with you has been very relieving. It made me able to show myself love that I haven't been able to do for ages. If it wasn't for all of our sessions, I don't think I would've been where I am now. I am doing the work, and it is satisfying. And it's very satisfying to have you as a coach as well. I can trust you - more than I can trust anyone."

1:1 Mentorship

✓ 3 Months, 6 sessions of 90 minutes

✓ On-going text and voice-note support

✓ Shared Notion page with session summaries, homework and resources 

✓ Free access to online courses and online events for duration of mentorship

✓ Complimentary 30 minute discovery call

✓ Investment: contact for details. Rates by sliding scale

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