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A unique signature bodywork therapy using techniques from Ayurvedic massage, deep tissue, breathing techniques, and prana Vidya ('meditation on Life Force').

Not a regular massage, but a therapeutic session and ceremony for men and women that are looking deeper restoration in all five layers of self; physical, emotional, mental, subconscious and spiritual.


In my home in South Portugal, your home, or elsewhere around the world when I am traveling.


Ayurvedic Massage


A full body oil massage using warm oil and long strokes along the muscles and skin to stimulate blood-flow and help you sink into a deep parasympathetic state of rest. In this state of rest, the body starts to naturally restore by itself on a deep cellular level.

Deep tissue


For release of muscle knots and trapped emotions in the body, deep tissue techniques on tight areas and knots in the body are applied.


Using breathing techniques to support relaxation and open up energy centers in the body around the pelvic floor, belly, diaphragm, heart, throat, and crown.


Prana Vidya


For those who are already into any form of yoga or meditation, extra time and attention can be put into techniques of 'Prana Vidya' (an ancient energy work modality that translates as 'meditation on life force'), which include breath, visualizations, focussed internal attention on muscles and organs and spontaneous Kundalini related movements and vocalizations.

What a session looks like

Before meeting in person, we first connect and communicate what is alive and what you would like to receive out of the session. Upon arrival in the space, I serve us a relaxing tea and we connect again and we tune in deeply into your current state of being. Then the part of the session takes place in which the techniques mentioned above are applied, which goes on for about 60-90 minutes. We end in complete silence and after there is space to integrate by yourself before the session ends.


2 hours: €190,-

* Portuguese Locals: 40% off.

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Sanne Drogtrop

The massage that Thomas gave me was a really profound experience for me. To call it a massage is not actually doing it justice. The body work released emotional blocks I wasn’t even aware I had. I can highly recommend Thomas.

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Amanda Biccum

I have received A LOT of body work. Thomas is incredible at what he does. So attuned, so aligned and attentive. He really feels into the person, the moment and what the body needs. If your looking not just for a massage but proper body work that also tunes into the energetic and emotional being of the person then Thomas is your guy.

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Sandra Bento

The massage i received from Mathias was one of the best massages i've every received. The result was very good, i felt in constant vibration, an energy that remained for a long time.

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Francesc Sentias

I have received hundreds of different massages in my life. This was one of the best. He mixed ayurvedic and energy feeling to suit my needs. THANK YOU.

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Kim Sikking

I definitely recommend Thomas for massage. It feels like he works very intuitively with the body, feeling atuned to what the unique body does and doesn't need at that specific moment. He also holds a safe space and radiates a loving, kind presence.

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Esther Strik

Thomas is gentle and uses strength when needed, he is safe and tuned in with your body. Not just a massage but an energetic boost for your system, best massage ever!

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