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Poem: I am here to save the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I am here to save the world. I am a mad idealist. I am crazy. …or perhaps sane enough to believe, That if every person would realize oneness, The perfection of their imperfection, The transcendent realm of their own consciousness, It would be the end of all war. As within, So without. Yet, I root myself in not needing anything to change. In fact, The moment I need change Is the moment I lose. I keep rediscovering happiness In the boundless heart of emptiness, And my efforts to make an impact Are just the love-song of That. So, As the small piece In the puzzle that I am, I will relentlessly sing For anyone that wants to hear it, Knowing that every of my actions Will echo on forever, And that every heart I touch Hears a heart that has touched mine.

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