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Poem: Living as love

We can never start too soon

Be Love outside the practice room.

Dissolving the separation

Between life and meditation.

Watching every breath we breathe

Checking intentions when we speak.

Fucking honest when we need

Raw, flawed, and pretension-free.

Picking glass up from the street

To protect another's feet.

Not feeling special or heroic

And not judging the one who throwed it.

But because we care and feel devoted

And wish we could clean up the whole Ocean.

We breathe in heated conflict

No more righteousness and blame.

Committing again and again

To not raise our voice, guilt trip or shame.

It's to ask 'What can I give?'

Instead of seek 'What can I get'

Knowing the Yogi's were not joking

About selfless service in ancient texts.

Spiritual life can never bloom

If it is just us seeking ourselves.

Spiritual life means to find out:

How much cam I embody, and how much can I help?

Taking our peaks into the heavens,

Back into to the Heart and body.

Where it's not just I, myself,

Me-me-me and mine.

My life, my journey,

my connection to the divine.

But where it's about us, pachamama,

courage, I & I.

Where we share our laughter and our love

Wiping tears from each others eyes.

Where we sing songs and come together

Celebrating and serenading Life.

Knowing that war cannot survive

That Love wins every fight.


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