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Poem: True Hatha Yoga

A true Hatha Yoga practice

is not just a physical exercise.

True Hatha Yoga is a Tantric practice,

and works primarily with energy.

By cultivating and sublimating life force,

the Yogi unleashes meditative powers,

and sometimes supernatural abilities,

called ‘siddhi’s’, that skeptics won’t believe exist.

With laser-like focus,

the Yogi moves through different poses,

directing currents of energy,

up and down the spine.

Establishing circulating breath

through subtle channels in the body,

down the arches of the feet,

up to the crown, and far beyond.

Most devoted is the Yogi,

to the flame of s*xual energy,

knowing Her as the vital life force,

that emanates all life.

Persuading Her with his devotion,

to be aroused up along the spine,

where She can burst through all the knots,

nadi’s, and energy that is blocked.

At some point in the process,

the yogi’s exhales start to lengthen,

and spontaneously the breath,

will suspend with empty lungs.

Here the yogi enters heaven,

pristine, sky-like awareness.

Absorbed without a question.

Samadhi. A touch of God.

Continuously meeting with Reality,

marrying all duality,

something in the Yogi dies,

while his Heart gets only more alive.

Fearless of death, free from illusion,

with deep reverence to the union,

the Yogi's only true desire

is to abide as Shiva's fire.

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