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Poem: The last resort

Dear one, do not ignore this pull from within

It is the yearning of the Heart to be united with you

Come, take this light, it will illuminate the shadow

Let the fire burn fiercely until the last piece of wood

Seek, dear one, seek

South, north. East, west. Above, below

Seek and seek until you've exhausted the seeker

And the last resort left is the permanence within

The treasure to be found there has never been lost

The journey towards it has been the destination itself

The search is done for the one that knows they don't need a key

To a room with no door, no lock, and no walls

The entire universe conspires to reveal to the seeker

The Truth behind the curtains of the ego and maya

The sincere one is rewarded, but please do not hurry,

Since this discovery only takes place outside time


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