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Yogic Siddhis: Dormant spiritual powers that awaken through insight and practice

In the Yoga Sutra’s, an ancient scripture of over 2000 years old, one of the four chapter is completely dedicated to describe ‘siddhis’:

Spiritual powers that can begin to awaken in the practitioner.

It is often advised to not seek for these powers, as they can be intoxicating for the ego and a distraction on the path of actual liberation.

Some of these siddhis described are pretty out there (levitation, teleportation, becoming as heavy as an elephant, to name a few).

And personally, although I do not deny their existence, I am not so interested in things I have never seen, cannot confirm their truth, or see any good use for.

However what I do think is interesting, and empowering to see, and actually important to discuss together:

What actually are powers that we can observe in people that spiritually awaken?

Because from what I have been observing, for anyone that spends devoted time on a sincere spiritual practice,

The question is not if they awaken siddhis…

But when, and what they will uniquely look like for each unique individual.

If you look around you in the spiritual marketplace of practitioners, teachers and healers, it is clear that many possess siddhis to varying degrees.

People that through the power of their words give you cosmic insights, shoot tingling sensations up your spine and goosebumps on your skin.

Gray mouses that transform and begin cultivating an amazing magnetizing radiance over their appearance, attracting many things that they once didn’t.

People that simply by their presence or eyegaze help you move your emotions and bring you calm.

If you are doing any kind of sincere spiritual practice, these siddhis will be yours to experience as well. You might already notice a few.

And sometimes we don’t need to look far for supernatural things:

That you are the first one to step out of lines of ancestral karma and trauma, that you gather the courage to feel your pain, and that you cultivate the meditative capacity to overcome the conditioned voice in your mind, are already superpowers.

Your intuitive insights and dreams that you dare to follow, that make you do amazing courageous things that 99% of the people don’t, is a siddhi/spiritual power.

Your ability to be sober, kind and present, dance, smell the roses and sing songs in a society of distraction, intoxication, disconnection and insanity, is a superpower.

My friend, don’t underestimate yourself and your potential powers.

If you are practicing, it is not a question, if, but when, and in what form they will awaken.

Be careful to not let them make you feel special.

They are in some way the most ordinary thing: all 7 billion of us have them, yet for most its simply dormant.

And if they awaken: please put them to the best and most selfless use you can.


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