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Why you need to be inauthentic to be authentic

It can be quite a journey, to figure out what authenticity is.

You cannot possibly nót be ‘yourself’ right?

So… Isn’t everyone therefore per definition ‘authentic’?

Let’s dig deeper.

What do you not say or do in fear of judgment and rejection?

How often have you stayed safely talking at the bar out of insecurity, too afraid to dance?

When do you pretend to be smarter, more confident, less flawed, less vulnerable, than you actually are?

This is inauthenticity.

It’s the over- or under compensation of our natural self-expression and child-like innocence.

They are two sides of the same coin, two ways of expression for the core wound of unworthiness.

And no person on this planet has ever escaped from these tendencies playing out.

My invitation is to lét them play out, without trying to change anything about them.

The ego tries to fix. The ego judges. But this is not how it works. This is how you create shadows, frozen and repressed in your unconscious.

The magic key is simple self-observation - without judgment. If judgment comes up, let even judgment be observed.

Nothing unreal can stay hidden in the light of this self-observing awareness. That’s why it’s so poetically called a ‘shadow’.

It’s true magic.

So let your inauthenticity be as it is, and shine as much non-judgmental light on it as possible. And naturally, authenticity will unfold by itself.


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