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From Indivi-Duality to Non-Duality

When caught in the illusion of separation and individuality, one sees oneself as a separate entity in a world full of separate entities.⁣

Never truly considering where thoughts come from, or whether one has free will or not or to what degree,⁣ the separate self is completely convinced of its own worldviews, personal opinions, thoughts and beliefs - completely taking for granted how much they are conditioned by society and upbringing.

And so, beyond all logic, the separate self usually believes itself to be a little bit more right than someone else, or some other culture, just like other selves, and other cultures, when caught in separation, believe themselves to be a little bit more right.

Finding its only existence in the voice in the head, the separate self tends to believe it has control, and considers itself to be the doer of action and the thinker of thought

And therefore it feels deep down extremely unworthy, as all mistakes, ugly thoughts, and inadequacies are its own creation, and therefore its own mistake

While projecting this same notion on others, and therefore also judging others for their flaws, mistakes, and inadequacies.⁣

The separate self is always seeking to prove that is is worthy, for example by receiving approval and praise, so it temporarily forgets about its feelings of unworthiness,

To only need another dose of this drug soon after again, for it has not yet found the eternal and unconditional worthiness that is its true nature.⁣

When caught in the illusion, one of the separate selves greatest fears is vulnerability and self exposure.⁣

To share the tender heart that is beneath the mask, as well as expose the hidden lies that the ego has been cooking over under the surface

However, when the separate self has read too many self-help books, or heard too many inspirational talks about the power of vulnerability, it might even show-cas vulnerabality as a new strategy to gain attention and prove worthiness.⁣

At its darkest moments, the separate self feels as if it is the only one out of all seven billion people who is as in as much pain, and who is as flawed as it is.

No one else in the history of this universe has ever suffered in the same way that the separate self does.⁣

There is good news and bad news however for the separate self.

The good news is that, although it might not be able to see it yet, there is a cure.

Which is to observe itself deeply, and pay deep attention to the movement of mind.

To see how all things cause all things, to see how waves only come into being by the movement of an entire ocean.

How thoughts only come into being by the movement of countless years of evolution, and a lifetime of conditioning.

To simply recognize how everyone human is in the same perfectly imperfect condition, just like itself.

The bad news is that it has to be willing to let the old seperate self die, and perceive its true identity.

To taste and touch, for one timeless moment, the eternal silent background⁣…



The wordless knowing



'I am'.

Despite what comes and goes.

I am the I that does not come and go.


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