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The Commitment to Experience Beauty

The Commitment to Experience Beauty⁣


A commitment to myself that naturally unfolded throughout the years, one of my highest priorities of self-care, is to actively surround myself with beauty.⁣

You could label it a Tantric practice if you will; to be in active worship to the beauty of life - the Shakti - simply by seeking out to witness her deeply with undivided awareness - as Shiva.⁣


I always seek out beautiful areas to live, a beautiful house or room, beautiful hikes, beaches, forests, beautiful places to shop for my food, beautiful social interactions, beautiful materials.⁣

I pause when I see something beautiful like a flower, try to spend extra time in places and with people that radiate beauty and heart energy.⁣

And if I don’t find something beautiful within my budget I will simply keep looking until I find something.⁣

And I will actively limit my time around all that does not radiate beauty or is filled with heart energy.⁣


Beauty, Shakti, the great She, the goddess, the Sundari, has a medicine to offer us.⁣

She can cure states of dullness and depression, and transform them into vibrant aliveness - sometimes in an instant.⁣

Yet we have to take a step towards her, help create her, and give her our awareness, for otherwise she can’t reveal herself and we will miss out on her completely.⁣

Only we can take the car to nature and walk our feet into the forest, only we can gaze at a sunset with a meditative mind, and only we can decorate our walls with art and our gardens with flowers.⁣

And through these simple acts of devotion, she will quickly respond, and divinize all aspects of our consciousness.⁣

Until we soon find ourselves living in awe and wonder.⁣

And remember that is actually already heaven here on earth.⁣


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