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Lessons I learned from coaching for 4 years

Since about four years I’ve been doing one-on-one mentorships and coaching. 

Its shape has been ever transforming, and I’ve learned a lot over the years. 

I also made mistakes also that I took great lessons from.

And engaged in marketing tactics and ways of communication that I now consider deeply unhealthy and even insane coaching industry trends that I no longer want to identify myself with and have been recovering from.

*my two cents for aspiring coaches: be very discerning about where you study, and careful before spending thousands of dollars on a business coaching program



I am not here to be another coach to make misleading promises of quick results; 

Or to talk to pain-points and sell an over-exaggerated dream with marketing vocabulary.


And I am sincerely sorry if I once ever did. 

I realize as of late that I am not even really a coach;

I am not here to come up with more things to do and hold clients accountable.

I am more like a guide, a mirror, a reminder, or a friend.

A place of consistency to come back to, to reveal what is true and what is not, and cleanse out the unconscious.

A place to marinate in truth and insight over pro-longed periods of time - as that is what it takes.

A place to help the person I work with to flourish, and create deep, root-level transformation in their life, energy, body and psyche.

Not by me being a guru, providing answers, or telling what to do. 

But by helping clients to find their own answers and their own decision power.

I listen deeply, and mirror back what is hidden between the sentences.

That which is in the shadow and seeks to be revealed or healed, the uncomfortable.

And that which is the true power, the endless source of life, the inner guru and guidance.

Moving from force and strategy to faith and surrender where the actual mountains get moved.

That is the most transformational thing I have to offer. 

And according to the testimonials from dozens of clients all over the world, it works.


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