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How truthful communication will set you free

Truth needs to be your highest priority if you desire to be free. In your thinking, in your communication to others, and in your doing.

One of the functions of the ego - and we all deal with ego - is to protect us from perceived danger.

And the ego perceives truth literally as life-threatening - as truth could get it judged, rejected and disliked, even lose relationships and jobs. And therefore many of us wear social masks, people please, have a lack of boundaries, tell white lies, and have little to no commitment to our own values. Brother, sister, I want to remind you that there is nothing in life that you can trust more than truth. Truth is your life-line to god. Be courageous and commit to truth.

Communicate lovingly but precisely, be mindful of your thoughts and intentions, live your life gracefully.

And let your truth repel and burn away all that is untrue in your self and life. It will open the gates and flood you with all that you deep down desire.

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