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Honor your obstacles

In life and as humans, we inevitably encounter obstacles along our path.

Sometimes, these obstacles protect us from going down a path that was never meant for us.

Other times, these obstacles test our resilience or can serve as teachings that we must learn and integrate before we are able to move forward.

The other day, the Hindu deity 'Ganesh’ was celebrated, the famous elephant-faced God, often referred to as the remover or placer of obstacles.

Hindu deities can seem foreign to us if we weren’t raised with Indian culture.

Which is a shame if it would prevent us from receiving the wisdom that they are here to offer us and the reminder that they are here to be.

Because even if we just get the most basic surface layer of their meaning,

Without needing to believe in something beyond ourselves,

And without needing extensive scriptural or cultural understanding,

They can already serve as powerful symbols to remind and connect us to aspects of life that all seven billion of us can relate to.

During my yesterday’s Yoga class, I invited the group to meditate on the meaning of Ganesh and its obstacles in their lives with the following questions, that I like to share with you as well:

1. ‘Where along my path am I encountering an obstacle?’

2. ‘Beyond any resistance I may feel towards this obstacle, is there any lesson I am able to extract from it?’

3. ‘Where can I be more resilient, and where might it be time to let go and stop forcing my way through?’

4. ‘Where in my life can I appreciate a door that has recently opened for me?’

Feel free to share any insights with me in an Instagram DM or e-mail and happy belated Ganesh Chaturthi, which was celebrated on the 19th of September.


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