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Fully Trusting the Pull from Your Heart and Surrendering to the Intelligence of Life

Fully Trusting the Pull from Your Heart and Surrendering to the Intelligence of Life

As soon as we open up spiritually, to some kind of greater intelligence, even if it's just a tiny sparks inside that has begun to consider that this universe is not merely coincidental, we must investigate what the implications would be of fully recognizing and acknowledging a greater intelligence.

Try to not remain stuck somewhere in between.

Where you are kind of acknowledging the miracle, but also partially you don’t.

Where you are kind of interested in spiritual progress, but also don’t really prioritize it.

Where you kind of trust life, but also partially you don’t.

Pause. Ask. Investigate.

Not just mentally, but from a deeper place:

If there is truly an intelligence, a substratum weaving through all things, all beings, and all forms of consciousness:

Is it half intelligent? Fully intelligent? Or non-existent?

Is it always there, or only sometimes?

Is it to be trusted completely, or only a little bit?

Because if we don’t investigate, and we stay in a halfway exploration and halfway conviction,

Life can only give us halfway answers, halfway happiness, and halfway synchronicities.

We will be half happy and half terrified.

Half enlightened and half completely ignorant.

But if we arrive at a full conviction that there is an intelligence, that must be everywhere, every moment, and every breath,

Then we can begin to finally fall into the arms of life.

Natural surrender.

The controller and the fearful one can start falling away.

The natural part of us can lead now.

Our joy that makes us gravitate to things beyond all rational thinking.

The unchanging part of self that communicates silently from beyond the fluctuations of mind.

Here, we discover our true duty, our true dharma.

It was never to be in control or swim against stream.

It is to keep the heart on fire and follow it,

It is to keep our passion alive and to live it,

It is to devote to our deepest integrity and embody it.

The rest is up to Life.

Let yourself be astonished by how much life supports you if you dare to fully trust the intuitive pull from your heart.


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