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Don't rush your healing journey


If you are one of those that sometimes feel like they’re never done with their spiritual work,

Or if you are one of those that feel like there is always more to heal,

Or if you are one of those that feel tired from all the work you already put in, while there seems to be no end to the struggle,

Then I want to remind you that you are most likely one of those that travel incredibly fast on their path.

And that it’s a good moment to look back and acknowledge how much you already transformed in a very short time span.

Because is the ones with the mindset like yours,

With this sincere and deep hunger to be free,

The ones with a courage and willingness to look at themselves time and time again,

That bust through their own illusions and shadows at a speed that few others do.

So, don’t beat yourself up for ‘not being there’ yet.

Don’t try rush your healing journey.

You are supposed to be exactly where you are; perfectly imperfect; never fully in control; never fully accomplished.

Your completion is found in being willing to infinitely strive.

It’s how life intelligently designed you.

Welcome to earth school.



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