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The Life-Long Maturation of Authenticity

Is there anyone that can claim full authenticity?

I know I wouldn’t dare to make that claim myself whatsoever and would highly doubt anyone making that claim.

Authenticity is not a one time choice - it is a year-long, if not decade and even life-long - if not multiple life-long (!) - journey of introspection and continuous shadow work and self exposure to arrive at 100% authenticity.

Anyone who spends time in silent introspection will observe within themselves that at most times a vast range of energies and subtle thoughts is informing our behavior and speech - many of which we are not aware.

Some of them authentic and rooted in truth, and some of them not so authentic and in service to the maintenance of a separate self.

So even if we intend to be completely authentic, or even better commit to it, we have to be realistic and compassionate with ourselves, and see that it most likely will take years of inner work to unravel and expose all the unconscious layers of inauthenticity that we’ve build around ourselves.

Layers that are not even our own invention; but that got conditioned inside of us, anytime we got taught as a kid hat to be ourselves was not welcome or enough.

If you listen to the old wise teachers that have been on the path for decades - which I highly encourage anyone to do because they hold wisdom codes that most twenty- and thirty-something Instagram coaches won’t hold -

You will learn that even many of them are still in the process every now and then of uprooting their own hidden parts and shadows - if they’re authentic enough to admit it ;-).

So, before you point the finger at anyone, including yourself, for being inauthentic; I invite you:

Don't shame or be ashamed of inauthenticity; that would be the very way to keep it in the shadow.

When you see it, meet it with kindness.

Have patience and compassion for the journey it takes to get there, give it space and time.

And don't ever be afraid to expose inauthenticity. For all that you can ever expose, is something that you are not.


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