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the breakthrough program

A six step method for spiritual entrepreneurs, yogi's and meditators 
to free the mind, embody energetics & create systems, structure and vision

Who am I?

- Hi, my name is Thomas. I...

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Cole Robinson, U.S.A

"Where to begin to express the gratitude I have for the time with Thomas as my mentor. This last year has been the most transformational time of my life. Learning to be more present must be the greatest gift of them all. Thomas has really guided me to put the aspirations and ideas I have had for a long time into action. He helps to show me that the power is all inside of me, and he acts as a mirror in my life to show me clearly what I already am. He is an excellent teacher."

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ALexa Slaughter, U.S.A

The heart and soul Thomas pours into his clients is boundless. His coaching shifted me from thinking into feeling and listening instead of speaking. My biggest takeaway that I had was that when I am open and ready to receive what is right and let go of the how, it will come to me in a most unexpected and beautiful way. Thomas is so alive with wisdom and I could not be more grateful for the expansion from this experience.

Who is this program for?

- You are a yogi, meditator, or spiritual entrepreneur, looking for systems and clarity





What's included:


1 on 1 mentorship: deep coaching sessions on Zoom, unlimited e-mail & text-message/voice-note support


An integrative method combining the best of different ancient and modern modalities.


Access to an online study environment with video's, pdf's and other resources, assignments & to do's

An integrative and holistic method...

...Six modules combining the gems from different ancient and modern modalities. You will systematically build foundation upon foundation to create a sustainable and lasting transformation

1. Foundations

Craft powerful new daily routines for your mind, body and spirit, and solidify the ones you already have. This is ....

2. Healing and self-acceptance

In this phase you'll be invited to explore unhealed and repressed parts within yourself that are holding you back and ....

3. Letting go of the past & knowing your true self

In this module you will be invited to let go of any idea or concept you have about yourself. Together we will .....

4. Deep clarity

To create your future you need to have deep clarity on what you precisely want. Who do you want to be? What do you want to experience? What do you want to bring forth in this world? ......

5. Subconscious programming

Change your thinking, change your life. In this phase you will learn powerful tools to reprogram your subconscious mind with new ways of thinking consistently over-time....

6. Embodiment and manifestation

In this phase you will focus on embodying and integrating (literally meaning: bring into physical expression) the energetics and learn how to work with archetypes and manifestation techniques...

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Matthew Stocks, U.K.

Before I met Thomas I struggled to deal with my thoughts and feelings and I had fallen into a cycle of using substances and spiritual bypassing to cope. Thomas used a beautiful  combination of non-dual wisdom and down earth practical advice I needed to face life and its challenges with greater balance and confidence. I would highly recommend Thomas's coaching to anyone who is ready to embark on their journey towards better spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Not only is he an excellent coach, but also an extremely warm and vibrant soul who was an overall pleasure to work with.


- Unlimited access to live weekly meditation classes for the duration of the program

Business coaching. Resources to build an (online) business. This will help you to position yourself, to attract ideal clients, and to create a solid offer and product

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Agni Chandra, Portugal

"I can just highly recommend working with Thomas Mathias. His genuine heart, knowledge, energy and passion to help and support makes so much difference.  His grounded presence and framework allows my energy to grow and dance into a beautiful and meaningful creation! Can’t wait to see him again. As I feel deeply seen and heard in my giving birth process to something new and complexed, that wants to come to this world for the highest benefit of all beings"


Q: Do I need to practice yoga or meditation to participate?
A: No, you don't need to already practice. This program is also for .....

Q: How long does this program last for?
A: The program lasts for 8 weeks up to a year.

Q: ...

My story


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