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Watch here the aftermovie of Reconnect Retreat 2022
Six days of Yoga, Tantra, non-duality, shamanism, dance, shadow work, ceremony, healing and cacao

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Our attendants rated our retreat on average a 10.

Tara zamani.jpeg

Tara Zimani

"I loved the creativity and diversity of the activities. Such as honoring different elements, water, fire, earth, air, and ether, on different days. I enjoyed working with all the elements and their energies. I also enjoyed all the ceremonies, such as the fire and full moon. My favorite part was the Cacao ceremony and Kirtan with soundbath. It was a profound experience.


I would rate this a 10. Mainly because it was a small and intimate group and due to the heartfelt connections I made with some of the members. It felt easy to be in the group; the energy was light, and everyone bonded. The food was delicious and healthy. The retreat location was serene, surrounded by nature."


Valery de Voijs

I truly felt a connection with each and everyone of my new friends (including both of you guys). Everyone made me feel safe to just be exactly who I am. 
I truly enjoyed the dance therapy and ecstatic dancing in the morning. It’s such a great feeling to start the day in your body, moving, listening to music, connecting, being. I’ve loved it so much I’ve already visited an ecstatic dancing in Amsterdam, so it opened a new door for me. 
The cacao ceremony and the full moon ceremony were very powerful for me. I’ve felt a lot of love and safety while doing these activities. Also I enjoyed the talk about non-duality and the last meditation (with Thomas for the heart chakra). 
How much would you rate the retreat?
A BIG 10!

Kevin Rolf

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