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Sessions and journey's

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Book private Yoga and meditation and spiritual counseling sessions if you like to practice privately. Start or deepen your meditation practice, learn yogic techniques. Develop a daily spiritual practice tailored to your need, and have a mentor and spiritual friend to discuss spiritual matters with and work on personal obstacles and aspirations.


Personal mentorship is a method for spiritual awakening that has been used in eastern traditions since ancient times. It is a place to get mirrored, reminded, inspired, find insights and healing, and explore and discuss one's unique journey with a guide that has threaded parts of the path before us.


This offering is for those who are sincerely interested in awakening and who wish to deepen their spirituality.

Compared to the coaching offering, this is a more affordable and accessible way to work with me, in line with the spirit of Indian tradition


Single session, 60-75 minutes: 


60,- p/session


Six session package, 3 months


Twelve session package, 3 months



*If your financial flow is low, or abundant, let me know; sliding scale available

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