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Hello, and welcome to my page

My name is Thomas, and I am here to help you realize your spiritual and human potential so you can live an aligned and fulfilling life.

My own journey of seeking for peace and a life that I wanted has been an intense one, fueled by a deep desire to overcome my own suffering. It led me traveling and living all over the world, studying all sorts of different disciplines, from Eastern traditions like Buddhism and different forms of Yoga, to non-duality and tantra, and I've completely immersed myself in the self-development and coaching industry, participating workshops, retreats, sitting with teachers, and working with mentors and coaches myself.


All the whilst dedicating most of my free-time practicing meditation, yoga, movement, and other holistic disciplines, deeply studying my own mind and body on a moment to moment basis.


It led me to find some answers, and this birthed a sense of mission; which is why I now do what I do  as a coach, facilitator and teacher in fitness centre's, yoga studio's, workshops and retreats, and online with clients from all over the world.

I am here to guide you through everything I've learned and to walk along with you on the paths that I have walked myself, to help you create the same shifts and transformation in your journey of healing, self-realization, manifestation and empowerment, without taking longer than you need and without hurting yourself.

What coaching with myself looks like.

Through my coaching I'll help you to:


  • Deepen your understanding of spiritual wisdom so you can find true happiness, power and peace within yourself without the spiritual bypassing

  • Work with your subconscious mind to create new ways of thinking and behaving - the key to create change and a new reality for yourself

  • Get crystal clear on what you want in life and go get it

  • Heal on a deep emotional level through shadow work and a non-dual understanding

  • Find a deep sense of self-worth, confidence and authenticity

  • Create healthier relationships with better boundaries and deeper intimacy

  • Adopt a holistic lifestyle that will leave you feeling energized and healthy in your body every single day

  • Shift your mind-set so you can create better opportunities for yourself in life

  •  Understand and embody masculine and feminine energies within yourself and in (intimate) relationships better

  • Integrate ancient tools and practices from Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism and Shamanism

  • Deepen your self-realization and experiential understanding of Advaita/Non-Duality

The pillars:




It is when the body feels light and healthy, that the mind is clear and balanced; lifestyle, mind, body, quality of thoughts and health are deeply connected. I'll help you to integrate systems and routines that will leave you with unshakeable ground under your feet.



We will go directly to the root of suffering and the essence of most if not all spiritual teachings (non-duality) through self-inquiry and meditation, to liberate yourself swiftly from from mental prisons, feelings of unworthiness, and stuckness in patterns.


I will function as a mirror to reveal your most lost aspects and I will constantly invite you to embody your power and truth. We will practice what we preach and I will hand you practical tasks and to do's between sessions so that you can truly step into new versions of yourself.

As your personal coach, guide and mentor...

​...I am deeply committed to your growth. I only work with a handful of clients at a time so I can give all my clients my undivided energy.


...I will empower you, help heal, mirror you, call you out and push you when needed, and help you expand beyond what you currently perceive possible.

There are multiple ways in which you can work with me:

Year Program: 12 zoom-calls to be used whenever you want within 12 months. 

Half Year Program A:  12 sessions to be used whenever you want within 6 months - same amount of sessions as the 'One Year Mentorship Program', lower price-point than a one year program.

Half Year Program B: 6 sessions to be used whenever you want within the next 6 months

Three month Program A: 6 sessions to be used within the next 3 months.

Three month Program B: 12 sessions to be used within the next 3 months.


Pay per session - higher price-point, lower commitment.

We will work 1:1 through video calls (or meet real-life if possible) and I will be always available in between our sessions for guidance through voice-notes and messages.

All my mentorships include: 

- support by text, e-mail and voice-notes

- recaps by e-mail after every session

- assignments, to do's and homework

- bi-weekly to weekly check-ins

- nice discounts on all my retreats and workshops

3 to 7 day 1-on-1 Deep Dive Intensives: tap for more info

If you hear the call...

I don't take on anyone and everyone; I only work with a handful of people at a time, so I can devote my undivided time, attention and energy to each individual I work with.


We will also make clear we both feel a loud and clear yes before we make the commitment to work together.

If you are truly interested in change and real growth, then I would love to meet you for a 1 hour session.

Don't hesitate to contact me on what's-app, telegram, IG DM or e-mail:

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