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Yogic breathwork & astral travel for deep healing and restoration

How it works

A breathwork ceremony is a deep healing journey in which we work with strong yogic breathwork techniques for a prolonged period of time (30 to 60 minutes) to bring the body into a sympathetic, activated state in a controlled way, after which we work with very slow, therapautic breathing techniques, to bring the body and mind into a deeply meditative state.

The strong breathing and activation opens a portal to dormant, unconscious parts in the mind and parts of the limbic brain in which impressions, memories, emotions and life's events are are stored and processed. By going there in a controlled way, we get to unblock and heal unresolved memories processes and receive important insights.

During the stronger breathing part we go as deep as is right for you and what you are ready for at this moment in time in your journey. 


After the stronger breathing part and after the slower breathing exercises, once the mind and body are in a relaxed, receptive, parasympathetic state, we begin a guided meditation and visualization.


The visualization is one of the most potent parts of the ceremony where we get to come face-to-face with unresolved parts of ourselves.



In order for the body and mind to be receptive enough for the ceremony, it is recommended to for at least 3 to 5 days in advance prepare with a yogic/Ayurvedic diet or something that is similar to what is known as a 'dieta' which is done to prepare for ayahuasca ceremonies.


Through pure foods you will cleanse the body and mind, and open up into a state of lightness and receptivity that will allow you to feel and go inward deeply and have the session be most effective.


Think of reducing or even eliminating processed foods, animal products, coffee, alcohol, and excess salt and sugar, and replacing it with clean and whole foods, at regular eating moments in the day.


A diet plan and guidance with this will be provided.

Is this for you?
This offering is for anyone who is looking at this time in their life for a profound tool and safe space to heal something that is stagnant on a deep level. 

Details & Practicalities

✓ 40 minute consult before our ceremony

✓ ± 2 hour ceremony: opening + strong breathing + guided meditation + relaxation

✓ On location or online 

✓ After-wards: check-in moment and exchange of text/e-mail/voice-note after ceremony

✓ Ceremony can be done both on-line, in your home, or my practice in South Portugal

✓ €190,- (Can be included or deducted as part of a mentorship package)

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