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Thomas Mathias is a teacher, international facilitator, guide, mentor and body-worker in the fields of Yoga, modern Tantra, non-duality, meditation, and personal growth.

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Alexa Slaughter, USA

"I was blown away by the things I gained from my work with Thomas. The heart and soul he pours into his clients is boundless. His coaching shifted me from thinking into feeling and listening instead of speaking. Thomas is so alive with wisdom and I could not be more grateful for the expansion from this experience."


Cole Robinson, USA

"Where to begin to express the gratitude I have for the time with Thomas as my mentor. This last year has been the most transformational time of my life. Thomas has really guided me to put the aspirations and ideas I have had for a long time into action. He acts as a mirror in my life to show me clearly what I already am. He is an excellent teacher."


Himesh Hewawasam, Can

"You seem to have a deep intuition of sensing into the core needs of someone and seeing what would help them beyond what they perceive themselves. The more I investigate the insights you brought up about balancing my masculine and feminine energies, the more I see how it has affected me throughout my whole life. Just in the past few weeks I've seen changes in my mood, daily interactions and work. I appreciate you and the work you do. So much love!"

Healing touch, massage, and bodywork. A physical and energetic reset.

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Violeta Labella

These bodywork sessions are like a breeze of fresh air on the skin. Thomas' hands are working their magic while waiving in different types of touch. after the session my pain body started relaxing and I felt rejuvenated and energised. thank you for your presence.

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Amanda Biccum

I have received A LOT of body work. Thomas is incredible at what he does. So attuned, so aligned and attentive. He really feels into the person, the moment and what the body needs. If your looking not just for a massage but proper body work that also tunes into the energetic and emotional being of the person then Thomas is your guy.

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Francesc Sentias

I have received hundreds of different massages in my life. This was one of the best. He mixed ayurvedic and energy feeling to suit my needs. THANK YOU.

A deep healing journey into ancestral trauma and the inner child through strong yogic breathwork, meditation and visualization.


Have Thomas as your personal coach and guide in your corner through 1:1 sessions or mentorship programs.


Hatha Yoga, pranayama/breathwork, life-force cultivation, non-dual & tantric philosophy, meditation. Book Thomas for a private, to teach or speak at your event, or practice online.

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On the powerful practice of cultivating, retaining and sublimating your vital life force and sexual energy 



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